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Welcome to the KDF family!

As a prospective family, we warmly welcome you to our community for 2019. After a successful 2018 program this will be another exciting year for us. It is always a joy to see the growth, commitment and professionalism in our athletes and this has been shown through our many achievements at competitions.

Some of our highlights include:

  • 1st place Youth Novice Jazz state champions
  • 1st place Junior Level 1 stunt state champions
  • 1st place Open Pom doubles at Spring Carnival
  • 1st place Youth Novice Hip Hop at Spring Carnival
  • National runner-up Junior Hip Hop champions
  • National runner-up Senior Novice Jazz champions
  • National Junior Novice Jazz Champions!

We look forward to working with the athletes and their families for a more progressive 2019.

About us

Kinetic Dance Force is an All-Star Cheer and Dance School located in Concord West, NSW.

Our aim is to create and develop confident and passionate athletes that strive for excellence in cheer and dance.

We offer both competitive and recreational classes for our athletes, based on their aptitude and interest.