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Why choose us?

  • Dancing is fun. Who decided it should be serious? We don't know either!

  • We mentor our students to achieve THEIR goals. Not ours.
  • We teach lessons, not classes.
  • We encourage team work, team-building, team everything!
  • What we educate our students about dance and the creative industry are lessons they can apply to their everyday life situations.
  • We congratulate our students (even if it's unrelated to dance).
  • We recognise that each student is different. Their personality, their likes/dislikes, their future goals.
  • We are proud to be the affordable dance school. Expensive anything doesn't get you far!
  • We are recognised as NSW Creative and Active providers. Claim your vouchers with us!
  • Our coaches take every opportunity to educate themselves. No matter how experienced we are, there is always something we can learn.
  • Our students are improving faster than their friends at school who attend other dance schools. Maybe it's our water?

We are KDF.

Be apart of it.

PS: Did you know we hold 2x National Champion and 8x State Champion titles? It's true! Not only do have a supportive environment, we create champion athletes.